Hostel prefects enjoy leadership camp

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As the new year of 2018 begins a group of hostel prefects and I participated in a newly created leadership camp which was held at the hostel on the dates of 27th and 28th of January.

Each day was filled with leadership and bonding activities. Day One was a settle in day where did small group activity and also went out for a swim. Day Two was filled with monstrous activities such with the main event we had coming up, the high ropes course.

To kick-start the day, we went for a run and along the way we stopped and did bonding games. Then a small crossfit session, and onwards to the Adrenaline Forrest. Most boys completed levels to the best of their abilities which gave us an eye opener that we can complete many more obstacles this year in the hostel as we have a massive increase in numbers.

Shout outs to Mr Cameron and Mr Courtney for giving us the opportunity to begin this leadership camp and hopefully it continues for future leaders of the hostel. We believe that this camp made us much more tighter as a group and if we remain tight we will communicate more which will result in keeping our hostel to a high standards as it already is.

Thanks also to Mr Mayhew for allowing the leadership program to expand into this camp. I can not forget all other housemasters who gave up their own time during the weekend to help out when and where needed. Without all of the housemasters this hostel would not be in the great place it is today. Bring on 2018.


Manny Crawford

Tai Mitchell Hostel Head Prefect