Citizenship is developed by the special traditions and values that our school promotes. Opportunities are provided to our young men that we believe prepare them for the important future role they must play in the community. Our school values are:

Pūmau - Be strong of character

Being strong of character means you show respect for both yourself and others, have personal integrity, take responsibility for the consequences of your actions and be a good citizen. Be a good man.

Whakātu ngārahutanga - Demonstrate leadership

Leadership can be taught and learned. You will have many opportunities to demonstrate leadership and be a good role model as well as encouraging appropriate behavior in others. Be a good leader.

Ūpoko pakaru - Display commitment

Commitment means never giving up just because something is difficult. It encompasses a work ethic, time management and sacrifice in achieving your goals. Be a good worker.

Kapo huanga - Take opportunities

Taking opportunities is about embracing new challenges. You will be presented with a myriad of opportunities in your time at Rotorua Boys’ High School. Enjoy the challenge.

Hirangatanga - Strive for excellence

Striving for excellence means you will always do your best, learn from your mistakes and seek continual improvement. Reach for the stars.

Whakaute - Show respect

Show respect to family, school, friends, team mates and especially yourself.


Rotorua Boys’ High School has a proud tradition of producing strong leaders and places a special emphasis on the development of leadership.

All students are encouraged to take leadership roles and to be responsible role models for other students.


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