Ngā Raukura i te Ao - Hall of Fame

Rotorua District High School 1914–1926, Rotorua High and Grammar School 1927-1958, Rotorua Boys' High School 1959-present.

Our Hall of Fame proudly presents former students who have achieved distinction at a national or international level in their academic, sporting, cultural, political or professional lives.

They are intended to serve as inspiration for the students of today and in the future and as a reminder that this school has a long and proud history from its establishment in 1914 and includes Rotorua District High School 1914-1926, Rotorua High and Grammar School 1927-1958 and Rotorua Boys’ High School 1959 to present.

Our selections are based on the above criteria and as contact and photographs have become available. Our Hall of Fame was started in 1991 by long serving staff member Mr John Raphael.

Rotorua District High School 1914-1926, Rotorua High and Grammar School 1927-1958, Rotorua Junior High School 1927-1933, Rotorua Boys' High School 1959-present:

Percy Allen - Politics
Philip Andrews - Author and Historian
Jackie Aratema - Rugby
Kevin Austin - Psychology
Trevor Berghan - Rugby
Sam Bewley - Cycling
James Bier - Science
Neville Black - Rugby
Kevin Blackwell - Cycling
Ray Boord - Service to the Community
Mark Bowick - Scholarship
Phillip Boyle - Machine Learning and Statistics
Shane Bradley - Business
Andrew Callander - Theology
Darryl Church - Architecture
Barry Colman - Business
Ray Cook - Business
Stuart Corson - Technology
Neville Crichton - Yachting and Business
Paul Croucher - Business
Ian Curry - Swimming
Harold Dansey - Service to the Community
Robert Dawson - Military
Mike Delany - Rugby
Tom Donnelly - Rugby
Callum Durward - Dentistry
Quentin Durward - Medicine
Elliot Kereopa - Rugby League
Andrew Kibblewhite - Civil Service
Inez Kingi - Service to the Community
Tanira Kingi - Agriculture
Montgomery Morrison - Kaumātua
Philip Spender - Business
Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi - Sport

Dame Georgina Kirby - Service to the Community
Joe La Grouw - Business
Danny Lee - Golf
Burn Lewis - Computer Software Development
Jean Lodge - Netball
Hane Manahi - Military
David MacCalman - Paralympian
Donald Macfarlane - Military
Adam McGeorge - Football
David McGregor - Law and Army
Clayton McMillan - Rugby
Alan McNaughton - Rugby
Liam Messam - Rugby
Sam Messam - Football
Wharehuia Milroy - Maori Language and Customs
Dinny Mohi - Rugby
Mita Mohi - Rugby League
Chris Moore - Farming
Sir Howard Morrison - Entertainment
Ruia Morrison-Davy - Tennis
Craig Newby - Rugby
Carl O’Donnell - Swimming
Robert Orchard - Rugby League
Michael Quinn - Science
Clarke Raymond - Scholarship
Kenneth Rea - Theatre
Mark Rendell - Cycling
Keith Ridings - Medicine
Simon Rooke - Navy
Ben Sandford - Skeleton
Paul Scott - Rugby
Don Stafford - Author
Arthur Stone - Rugby
Ian Patchell - Business
Raymond Smith - Business
Keith Smith - Business
Kaleb Trask - Sport

Darrin Stone - Rugby
George Stone - Rugby League
Maurice Stone - Touch
Shane Stone - Rugby
Shaquille Stone - Touch
Michael Sykes - Boxing
Arapeta Tahana - Service to the Community
Sir Peter Tapsell - Politics
Robert Thompson - Rugby
Brian Thomson - Olympian and Commonwealth Games
Sir Gordon Tietjens - Sevens
Peter Townsend - Commerce
James Traue - Librarian and Author
Keith Turner - Engineering and Business
Elisabeth Urquhart - Law
Neil Waka - Media
Mike Walker - Kayaking
Rawiri Waru - Science
Paul Watson - Forestry
Jamus Webster - Maori Performing Arts
Kimiora Webster - Maori Performing Arts
Te Kahuirangi Webster - Maori Performing Arts
Alec Wilson - Rugby
Mark Wilson - Business
Wihapi Winiata - Service to the Community
Ray Woolliams - Service to the Community
Alan Duff - Author
Robbie Eastham - Shooting
Luke Martin - Service to the Community
Emeritus Professor Dr. Ian Ross McCormick - Medicine
Alan Skipwith - Business

David Edward - Rugby
Harry Edward - Law
Ian Edward - Service to the Community
Stewart Edward - Service to the Community
Douglas Ewert - Diving
Jonty Farmer - Yachting
Clive Fugill - Maori Carving
Percy Gainsford - Military
Graham Geater - Shooting and Cycling
Craig Geater - Cycling
Kenneth George - Science
John Gordon - Badminton
Gary Grey - Cycling
William Grey - Motorsport
Dylan Hartley - Rugby
Jack Hayes - Military
Sir Trevor Henry - High Court Judge
Ken Hingston - Judge
Justin Hodgkiss - Scholarship
Te Hiko Hohepa - Community Service
Mathew Holten - Golf
Sam Hunt - Golf
Bradley Iles - Golf
Alfred James - Rugby
Taini Jamison - Netball
Matthew Jervis - Computer Science
Raymond Katting - Wrestling
Ray Keepa - Maori All Black
Kenneth Kennedy - Service to the Community
Allan Bunting - Sport
John Crean - Business
Kenneth Duncum - Arts
The Rt. Rev. Bishop Ngarahu Katene - Theology
Maureen Waaka (Née Kingi) - Arts
Alick Poole - Forestry

North Corridor of A Block

Knights and Dame of the Realm
Sir Howard Morrison
Justice the Hon. Sir Trevor Henry
Hon. Sir Peter Tapsell
Dame Georgina Kirby
Sir Matiu Rei
Sir Gordon Tietjens

Others in North Corridor
Ruia Morrison-Davy
Ray Woolliams
June Woolliams
Don Stafford
Jean Lodge
Ray Boord
Harold Dansey
Henry Mitchell

Foyer of A Block

Danny Lee
Rawiri Waru
Shaquille Stone
Sam Bewley
Sam Hunt
Bradley Iles
Mathew Holten

Hall Corridor

Elliott Kereopa
Liam Messam
Kelly Haimona
Robert Thompson
Clayton McMillan
Gary Grey
Tilly Hirst
Craig Geater
Teimana Harrison
Robert Orchard
Dylan Hartley
Gordon Tietjens
Mita Mohi
Samuel Hunt
Richard Kingi
Allan Bunting

Success Room (next to the War Memorial Hall)

All Blacks
Trevor Berghan
Tom Donnelly
Neville Black
Mike Delany
Paul Scott
Liam Messam
Alan McNaughton
Arthur Stone
Craig Newby
Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi

Jonathan Farmer
Paora Winitana
Brian Thomson
Danny Lee
Ben Sandford
Sam Bewley
Sam Messam
Carl O’Donnell
Robbie Eastham
Adam McGeorge
Mike Walker
David MacCalman

Empire and Commonwealth Games Representatives
Wiremu Whareaitu
Ian Curry
Raymond Katting
Kevin Blackwell
Graham Geater
Michael Sykes
Mark Rendell
Brian Thomson
John Gordon
Craig Newby
Liam Messam
Paora Winitana

Staircase of A Block

Clarke Raymond
Kenneth Rea
Peter Townsend
Andrew Kibblewhite
Clive Fugill
Judge Kenneth Hingston

First-Floor Corridor of A Block

Paul Croucher
Phillip Boyle
Philip Andrews
Paul Watson
Michael Quinn
Matthew Jervis
James Bier
David McGregor
Darryl Church
Mark Bowick
Hon. Percy Allen
Stewart Edward
David Edward
Ian Edward
Harry Edward
Kenneth George
Hiwinui Heke
James Traue
Wetini Mitai-Ngatai
Andrew Callander
Russell Neilson
Kevin Austin
Kerry Hayes
Inez Kingi
Tanira Kingi
Kevin Forsyth
Peter Anaru
Te Napi Waaka
Te Hiko Hohepa
Te Uru O Te Whetu Whata
Keith Turner
Callum Durward
Quentin Durward
Allan Beck
Stuart Corson
Douglas Ewert
Keith Ridings
Burn Lewis
John Crean
Kenneth Duncum
Bishop Ngarahu Katene
Luke Martin
Ian Ross McCormick
Montgomery Morrison
Ian Patchell
Alec Poole
Alan Skipwith
Raymond Smith
Keith Smith
Philip Spender
Maureen Waaka

Māori All Blacks
Hector Steele
Ray Keepa
Alexander Wilson
Dinny Mohi
Eretara Mohi
David Aratema
Robert Thompson
Alfred James
Liam Messam
William Ripia
Ruki Tipuna
Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi
Kaleb Trask

South Corridor of A Block

Justin Hodgkiss
Arthur Stone
George Stone
Maurice Stone
Shane Stone
Darrin Stone
Wharehuia Milroy
Chris Moore
Mark Wilson
Arapeta Tahana
Wihapi Winiata
William Grey
Elisabeth Urquhart
Taini Jamison
Shane Bradley
Te Kahuirangi Webster
Kimiora Webster
Jamus Webster
Ken Kennedy
Neil Waka

Millennium Centre

Ray Cook
Barry Colman
Neville Crichton
Joe La Grouw

  1. Nominees must have attended Rotorua Boys’ High School (1959- ) or any of its three predecessor schools: Rotorua District High School (1914-1926); Rotorua High & Grammar School (1927-1958); or the Rotorua Junior High School (1927-1933).
  2. Nominees must have attained some level of success or prominence in any of the following fields of recognition for admission to the Hall of Fame: Sport; Politics; Public Service; Judiciary; Law; Business; Professional; Academic; Literature; Decorated War Heroes; Military; Arts; Science; Agriculture; Forestry; Engineering; or Service to the Community areas of life.
  3. All Old Pupils who hold Doctorates, whether earned by thesis, examination, or conferred honoris causa (for honourable causes), are eligible for admission.
  4. Honorary Membership of the Hall of Fame can be offered for exceptional and/or outstanding service to the School.

Making a Nomination

Anyone can nominate a person he or she thinks is worthy of admission to the Hall of Fame. A good quality, digital photograph and the reason(s) as to why the Nominee is being nominated for this honour must be provided.

Completed nominations should be e-mailed to:

Mr. K.J. Lyall,
Archivist and Historian,
Rotorua Boys’ High School,
P.O. Box 10148,
Rotorua 3046,
New Zealand

Ngā Raukura i te Ao - Nomination Form


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