Year 13 Leadership - Te Wero 2019

Annual Te Wero Run
Annual Te Wero Run

In many ways, Te Wero is a rite of passage for year 13 students in that it signifies an important stage of one’s time at Rotorua Boys’ High School. Te Wero or ‘the challenge’ is a gruelling feat to say the least. However, throughout your time at Raukura nothing you experience will ever be as rewarding or fulfilling.

On thursday the 28th of March, over fifty year 13 students took part in the annual two day ‘Te Wero’ challenge. Day 1 began with a ‘light jog’ from school to Aorangi Peak, Mt Ngongotaha then back to school; all the while lugging the four house poles. After successfully returning to school, the toughest part of the day had yet to begin - a gruelling run from school all the way to Mourea; where we would spend the night in preparation for day 2. The following morning, we commenced our 50km bike ride. This consisted of riding out from Mourea to Lake Tikitapu (blue lake) followed by an extremely rocky stretch in the Redwoods. To complete Te Wero, we ran the last few km’s back to school where we were warmly welcomed by our fellow peers. 

Throughout Te Wero, one often finds himself questioning whether or not he is able to continue. Just when you feel like your body is about to give up on you, the encouragement and support of your Raukura brothers is what keeps you going. The brotherhood at Rotorua Boys’ High School is unique and unlike anything else you’ll ever find. This, I can say with absolute confidence, is what contributed to the success of the event as well as ensured that everyone was able to make it through the challenge. By the end, not a single person had gone through the challenge without being tested both physically and mentally. Ultimately, I can say that we emerged as better people as a direct result of this. Lastly, something we all took away from this experience was that it was never about any one individual but rather the year 13 cohort as a whole. By focusing on the success of the group, each one of us inevitably became successful in our own way. I can guarantee that Te Wero will be a challenge but nevertheless a challenge worth taking.


Michael Stanley

Academic Captian