Te Wero 2018

Once you decide to do it, you give it your all! Nothing can prepare you for the challenges that you will face on the gruelling Te Wero course.

On Thursday the 22nd of February, a large group of year 13 students took on the annual two day challenge of Te Wero. This challenge tested the students physically and mentally, and pushed many to their limits. But we quickly discovered this was no individual challenge, and that in order to succeed we must have to work as a team. Many of us underestimated what as ahead.

The course consisted of a run from school to Aorangi Peak, Ngongotaha, back to school and then out to Mourea where we would spend the night resting for the second day. On the Friday morning the boys biked from Mourea out to the blue lake, then to the Redwoods car park, and finishing with a 6km run back to school.

Te Wero was built up to be something extremely difficult. It's not supposed to be easy. Te Wero has its name because it is a challenge. We were all willing to challenge ourselves. At the end of the two days, the young men were absolutely exhausted.

We could barely walk. But we pushed through. Our Deputy Principal, Mr. Lockwood, said “I thought it was really successful and a great opportunity for the Year 13 cohort to form better relationships, camraderie in a very tough physical and mental challenge undertaking over the two days. Student demonstrated leadership etc”.

It was physically the hardest challenge we will encounter while at Rotorua Boys’ High School. But it was all worth it in the end. No matter what physical fitness level you're at, Te Wero is a challenge worth taking. We all took from the experience that we can't make it through life alone, and that some time we will need someone to support us just like we supported and pushed each other through Te Wero.

Hohaia Macfarlane

Head Prefect 2018