Rangatira (yLead) Conference 2019


Thursday the 10th of October, an eight o’clock kickoff saw the Raukura boys off with a hot start. Wearing our number ones and our school logo with pride, we arrived in a star-studded manner. The first task we were given was name tags which was quickly followed by the introduction to our Y team leaders Amy Parsons and Bel Yorsten. Next, we found ourselves interacting with our peers through many ice-breaking challenges whilst gaining a Day One Bestie; someone who we would have to work together with throughout the day. What is leadership was the question and it was displayed by five colours: Red - Passion, Blue - Vision , Green - Growth, Yellow - Service and White - Integrity. These pillars of leadership were what the crux of the talks were about helping us to understand them in their ways and in our own. We were then starstruck by the guest speaker Shay Wright who was recently named in the Forbes 30 'under 30' list for social entrepreneurs. Everyone in the room was in utter awe of him due to his current standings being a goal of most of us. There was complete focus on the messages of who he is and how he got there in hopes that we could follow in his footsteps.


Our work session was then coming to an end where we finished off with attribute tests to find out who we are as a leader and to understand that everyone has their own unique way of leading. Lastly, the work session was summed up by the selection of our mentors. Ranging from 18-22, these mentors were past Rangatira attendees who had to provide a skit of who they are to try and win us over to their teams. After a bit of introduction to our mentors and team members, we were then given down time before Retro Night! The name explains itself, a fun night where people were brought outside of their comfort zones to create a close bond between all of the students at yLead.


Rise and shine seven o’clock, our day blasted off again with finding our why’s, our purpose. Where we want to be in the future, why do we want to do that and how we are going to get there. This was then followed by leadership workshops from effective meetings to mindsets and then to Public Speaking - where the Raukura boys led the way showing confidence and most importantly giving confidence to others. In our teams alongside our mentors, we were then randomly given two secret missions that were to be either presented throughout the next day, or left to showcase at the ending ceremony giving the students complete freedom in how to cooperate together as a team to not only complete these missions but utilise each member of the team as best as possible. Interestingly we were then surprised by Guest Speaker, Ryley Webster, a general manager for Sustainable Coastlines, an organisation that focuses on the clean up of polluted coastline water ways so humans can experience the true beauty of the water. His messages of service to the community and giving back resonated with many of our boys as it can be seen throughout the school where Old Boys have given back to Raukura.


Absolutely no words can express how amazing the conference was. From entering the welcoming and open arms of yLead to leaving people that I felt like I had known for years, we can definitely tell you that every single one of us boys grew as a person. Our knowledge and understanding of leadership blossomed and bloomed in an environment of young, positive, open and like-minded leaders from other schools around New Zealand. Throughout our time at the ylead Conference we learnt so many valuable things about leadership and growing as a person. As the leaders for next year, we as a group are going to implement and echo the positive messages that we all learnt at yLead throughout our school of Raukura and hopefully model some of the things that we all learn. However, most importantly we returned from the Conference empowered with a stronger sense of self-awareness, self-worth & self-belief. Prepared with essential skills & tools to effectively lead our brothers in the right direction.


Nga mihi


Keden Wichman and Ngakohu Walker

Year 12 Students