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In order for Rotorua Boys' High School to enrol your child and take care of them in the event of an illness/emergency situation please complete ALL the information on this form.

Enrolment Information


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First Call

Mother's Contact Information

Father's Contact Information

Guardian/Caregiver's Contact Information

Emergency Contact's Contact Information

Medical Contact Information

Education Details

Do you wish for your child to be considered for an Accelerate class?
Will your child be applying for a Jubilee Scholarship?
Do you wish for your child to be considered for the bi-lingual class?
If yes, please indicate their proficiency with Te Reo Māori:
Do you wish for your child to be considered for a sports academy?

If yes, please indicate which academy you would like your child to be considered for:

Do you wish for your child to be considered for the sports class?
Do you intend to rent or buy an IPAD?

Co-curricular Activities

Family Legacy

Please state if any members of your household are currently at RBHS, or are Old Boys of the school, and which house they are/were affiliated to.

Student's Health Record

Is your child a dependant of a community services card holder?

Does your child have any of the following medical conditions?

Does your child suffer an allergic reaction to any of the following?

Ministry of Education Requirements

Attached to every enrolment form, there should be a copy of the student's New Zealand Birth Certificate if born in New Zealand.

For all other students, a copy of their Passport showing their current residency status, must be attached to every enrolment form.

Student Declaration

Parent Declaration

I/We agree to the school:

1. Requesting relevant information from other schools for enrolment purposes

2. Forwarding relevant information to another school for enrolment purposes

3. Forwarding relevant information to other institutions for the purpose of qualification entry

4. Forwarding relevant contact information to government ministries as required by law

5. Using information for statistical purposes

6. Using our child's name and photo on the school website and other publication (including social media)

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The 2021 Tai Mitchell Hostel Fee has been set by the Board of Trustees at $10,340.00. This fee incorporates a 1.5% cost of living increase on 2020. The payment of the 2021 Tai Mitchell Hostel Fee is to be arranged as follows:

Hostel Handbook Hostel Licence

Medical Report for Applications

For students new to the hostel

Payments of:

  1. $250.00 application fee (non-refundable)
  2. $150.00 Building Levy
  3. $1000.00 deposit (this deposit is non-refundable but does guarantee a hostel place for 2021)
  4. After the receipt of the $1000.00 deposit the balance payable is to be made by a compulsory automatic payment that ensures $2,543.80 for terms 1, 2 and 3 and $1,708.60 for term 4 in the current year.

For Returning Hostel Students

Payments of

  1. $150.00 Building Levy
  2. The establishment of an automatic payment to ensure that $2844.00 is received in terms 1,2 and 3 and $1808.00 is received in term 4

It is compulsory for all families to be on an Automatic Payment Plan that ensures that the 2021 Tai Mitchell Hostel fee is paid in full by December 4th, 2021. For current boarders, all fees for 2020 must be paid in full before December 4th, 2020 otherwise the place for your son may be booked for another potential boarder.

A 5% discount is offered for full payment of the Annual Hostel fee on or before 31 January 2021.

The Procedure for collecting hostel fees:

  1. Hostel fees account sent each term
  2. Telephone contact made for any late hostel fees
  3. First Letter sent home for any late hostel fees
  4. Second letter sent home for any late hostel fees
  5. Third letter sent home for any late hostel fees and followed up by a phone call
  6. All accounts overdue by more than three months will be forwarded to a Debt Collection agency and any collection fees will be added to the account
    • All overdue accounts will incur 10% interest

Note: All fees shown in this policy reflect the 2021 Tai Mitchell Hostel Annual Fee of $10,340.00 The building fee is additional to this fee.

If you would like a personal fees breakdown for weekly/monthly payments please feel free to contact.

Download the Tai Mitchell House Enrolment Form

Proposed Student

Required Attachments

Student & Parent/Guardian Details

To be completed by both parents/guardians (where applicable)


(i) Hostel Rules and Conventions

(ii) Hostel Fees Policy

(iii) Hostel Property Damage Policy

(iv) Personal Computer Policy

(v) Property Damage Policy

(vi) Hostel Early Withdrawal Policy

(vii) Damage/Loss of Personal Effects Policy

(viii) Hostel Refund Policy

(ix) Search and Seizure Policy

(x) Substance Abuse Procedures

(xi) Using our child’s name and photo on the school website and other school publications

3. Please fill out the name and address of the person(s) or organisation to whom the accounts should be sent and who is directly responsible for the payments of the accounts

Medical Details

Has your child had:

Does your child have:

Next of Kin

To be notified in case of an emergency

Request for Administration of Medication at School

Payment Agreement

Ministry of Education Multiple Barriers Boarding Allowances

To support our boarders who are recipients of the MOE boarding allowance Tai Mitchell Hostel has a pastoral care programme that includes the following:

1. All first year boarders who receive the funding will receive a 0 uniform grant

2. All year 9 boarders will undertake the Travellers Welbeing and Resilience programme led by the Hostel Chaplain

3. The Hostel Chaplain will provide ongoing pastoral care for all boarders which includes interviews,goal setting and mentoring

This is a wonderful resource for our boarders and gives them the wrap around support they need to be successful.

In signing this application form I agree to the Tai Mitchell Hostel to the Mapihi Pounamu programme for my child.

Boarders Visiting/ Day Leave ( all over night/weekend leave MUST be confirmed with primary caregivers)

Student to Complete

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Te Whare o Raukura - 9T

Kia ora tama mā! Nā runga i tō hiahia ki te uru mai ki Te Whare o Raukura, anei ētahi pātai hai whakautu māu. Nā mātou o Te Whare o Raukura!

He aha (t)ō iwi? (What are your tribal affiliations?)

He aha te taumata o tō reo Māori? (Which of these options is an indication of your reo Māori level?)

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