Deputy Head Boy - Manukau Whata


Firstly, I’d like to start with a famous saying that Matua Wairangi Jones (an old teacher of the school) used to say:

“Tēnā tātou tāne raukura mā”

Greetings to you all ngā kaiārahi o āpōpō, the future leaders of tomorrow.

Some of you may be aspiring to be one of the leaders of Raukura, kia kaha koutou.

To our new brothers, welcome to the brotherhood we call Raukura! I was once in your shoes walking onto the grounds of Raukura, being welcomed by a pōhiri as only Raukura can present. I knew straight away that this was the right school


Who would have thought that this Māori boy born and bred in a small place called Rotoiti (who attended a Kura Kaupapa Māori of 45 tamariki in total) would be standing before you making a speech as Deputy Head Prefect? My years here at Raukura have been the most memorable years of my life. From travelling around the world, to winning back to back with Te Roopū Kapa Haka o Raukura and also achieving level one and two with Excellence. In fact, I realised very early on that if you ask for help you will get it. Boy’s, the teachers are here to help anyone and everyone achieve their goals, kei a koe te tikanga, it’s up to you.

Coming from a small kura the number of boys, the different opportunities, pathways and decisions that I faced every year was overwhelming. I am lucky that my mum kept me in check and made sure that I was staying on the right path. Yes, boys where would we be without our mums? The movers, the shakers of this world. But they’re not gonna be there all the time, you have to show up and do the mahi. I am not going to say that everything is going to be easy. I’ve had to work hard in everything, especially English because I was introduced to English when I started here at Raukura. But with the help of my teachers I am getting it, and my English is better than when I first started. So, to all you Māori boys that are struggling in any classes, ask the teacher for help, kaua e whakamā.


I have huge respect for Matua Kimiora and Matua Wairangi for showing me the way to succeed here at Raukura, and how to make good choices. When they both left, who would have thought that they would be replaced with Whaea Rie and Matua Jamus (who are as good as them or even better). And last to Mr Grinter for trusting me with the role of Deputy Head Boy and House Captain of Raleigh house. Tēnei au ka mihi atu ki a koe e te Matua, tēnā koe.  I can talk about all the things that I’ve done and places that I’ve travelled to, but I think we’d be here for another hour. So, I’m just going to say that it takes hard work and a lot of money to achieve all that you do.


With that, I have just shared with you a bit about myself. Not everything was presented, but the end result is here. I am standing before you as the Deputy Head Prefect and House Captain of Raleigh house, showing all of you boysthat are struggling, that it is possible for you to achieve anything just as long as you work hard and ask for help.


  Kua tae au ki te mutunga o taku nei kōrero, ka hoki atu au ki tētahi o ngā

  kōrero/whakatauākī i kōrerohia e tōku tuakana a Rehua Selwyn, “Ko au ko koe,

  ko koe ko au, ko au ko te whare e tū nei, ko te whare e tū nei ko tātou katoa!”

  Nō reira tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou katoa.


Manukau Whata,

Raukura Deputy Head Prefect 2019