House Captains

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Tamahauiti Potaka House Captain Drake 2016

It is a great honour and privilege to be the House Captain of Drake House for 2016. This year Drake House has set a goal to claim the pinnacle position of being the best House in our school. It is therefore with immense pride and determination that we continue on this journey towards success.

Despite being 2nd equal alongside Nelson and Frobisher we have the potential of obtaining 1st place by committing ourselves fully to the upcoming House competition.

'The red phoenix is ready to rise from the ashes'


Mitch Regan House Captain Nelson 2016

It is a privilege and an honour to be leading Nelson House in 2016. After being crowned champions in 2015, I feel confident that Nelson House can go ‘back to back’ this year and ‘paint
this school blue’!

At the beginning of the year I asked for 100% participation and with our results so far I know that participation is working well. We are sitting in second equal place at the moment, so let’s get going and rise to the top.

'Stay solid Nelson House and we will go back to back'


Taane Paki House Captain Frobisher 2016

This year I have been given a great honour and privilege in leading Frobisher House. In the most recent years we haven’t met the standard I know Frobisher House is capable of but I believe that this year we as a collective will be able to showcase our talent and hardwork through upcoming events. We started off with placing 2nd at Tabloids and 4th at Athletics which currently places us 2nd equal.

We, as a House, thrive on participation which is a huge aspect in becoming successful this year and is a message with which I encourage my fellow Frobisher soldiers.

'Alone we are one drop, but together we are an ocean", Let's make it happen!'


Te Ra Whata House Captain Raleigh 2016

The way Raleigh House has tackled the challenges of the House competitions this year so far has really impressed me. Being victorious in Tabloids and Athletics has put us in a great position to carry on our winning streak throughout the upcoming House competitions.

With the Choral and Haka competitions coming up shortly, I am positive that with the participation and hard work that the boys of Raleigh House have put in so far this year, we will be able to come out with the result that we are aiming for.

"In order to succeed we must first believe that we can"