Deputy Head Boy - Aidan Tonge


Kia ora,

My name is Aidan Tonge and I am your deputy head boy for 2020. Not to sound cliche but I remember sitting where you are now five years ago, listening to a speech similar to this from a past deputy head boy. I hoped one day I would have the honour of being in his position and be able to inspire and encourage future leaders of raukura.


Firstly, I want to say that your choice of Raukura was a great one. We aim for excellence throughout the curriculum, be that Academic, sporting, cultural, or whatever else your passion may be. We support and encourage you all to do your best. The Staff, Students and peers surrounding you are supporting you throughout your time here.


I was born and raised in Rotorua and brought up in a small community outside of town called Horohoro. I went to Otonga Primary school and Rotorua Intermediate where I made friends who are still with me now. These boys continue to help and encourage me to take new and exciting opportunities which helped lead me to the position I am in today and for that I’m thankful. See the people you surround yourself with in high school have the largest influence on your schooling for the next 4-5 years.


While being at boys high my life has pretty much revolved around two things: Academics and Basketball. For me my academics are a given I prioritize them above all other activities. Secondly Basketball. Basketball has given me numerous opportunities and experiences in the past years, from travelling every Friday night to Hamilton and traveling to the South Island and to America. Being the Senior A Captain has given me many public speaking moments and as the years go on I aim to grow and develop as a public speaker, stepping outside my comfort zone for the better.


Find your passion whatever it may be and stick with it, everyone here has that little thing that makes you unique from one another. And remember if you have any questions or queries throughout the year please don’t hesitate to me or any of the prefects and we will answer them.


While you’re at Raukura make smart decisions. Believe in yourself and what you want to achieve because the only person holding you back is yourself.


Thank you