Academic Captain - Tristan Thomas


 Prepare today, so when you meet tomorrow’s world, you are successful. Academic excellence is important. During your time at Raukura I want you to make goals, to challenge yourself, and to reach your potential. Being a Prefect, my goal is to inspire you to do this. I want you to one day be writing this report, and be proudly wearing the Raukura badge on your chest and leading others. You can all achieve this. You don’t have to be the smartest person. You have to be the person who is willing to try. You have to be the person who is willing to prioritize, to sacrifice time and persevere when times get tough. The person who does that extra bit of homework, the one who pays attention in class and the person who asks questions when they are unsure.

When I started at Rotorua Boys’ High I definitely wasn’t the brightest in our class. There were others who were naturally smarter. However, I worked harder, I accepted the challenges and knew the gain would be worth it. And worth it, it was. A simple saying I like is, ‘what you put in you get out’, meaning that if you invest a lot, you will reap more benefits than one who invests little. If you want to be Top of Your Class, Top of Your Subject, Dux, or even a Prefect, then make it happen. Spend your time wisely, make good decisions and prioritize what is most important.
Education is power, as it means you have understanding of the world, and is evidence of work ethic. I often hear, ‘when will we ever use this in the real world?’, My answer is, you most likely won’t. But your endorsements and NCEA records are evidence of perseverance, dedication, hard work and sacrifice. Skills that are vital for adulthood, and necessary to get you the qualifications or jobs you may one day want. We still have two terms to go. Work hard and make yourself and our school proud.