Food Technology


What is Food Technology about?

The aim of studying Food Technology is to develop your skills, creativity, and knowledge to design and make good quality food products.

Food technology is the process involved in the conversion of raw materials to edible food products.

  • analysing and following a design brief
  • learning about food ingredients and their uses in food products
  • nutrition and nutritional analysis
  • food science
  • understanding the process of food product development
  • hygiene and safety
  • quality and how it can be measured
  • sensory testing
  • developing skills in food preparation and cooking

Our vision is to:

Provide students with exceptional student centered education, based on current trends and industry standards. We aim to teach students the fundamental skills they need to progress in the Food Industry.

Why study Food Technology?

  1. Job security – The food industry is one of the largest on the planet - people will always have to eat.  This means anywhere along the food supply chain, there will always be job opportunities.
  2. Diverse environment – In the food industry, there are literally thousands of different jobs available.
  3. The people – People that work with food are some of the most hardworking and passionate people on the planet. Food is part of a service industry, and participants take pride in what they do.
  4. Salary possibilities – It's no surprise that highly trained industry professionals can command high salaries in this truly global industry.
  5. The food – If you love food, you will definitely enjoy working in this industry. You will discover cuisines and flavor combinations you never knew existed.
  6. Travel opportunities – The food industry is global, and many large companies in New Zealand also conduct business overseas. Depending on your position, you may get to travel, often paid for by your employer.


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