Digital Technology

What is Digital Technology about?

Digital Technology is derived from and driven by the same principles as Technology as a whole. However, its focus is the use and development of products and systems that use or involve ICT. For example the development and application of Database solutions, Web page/site design and creation and the development of applications through computer program coding.

Our vision is to:

Develop students understanding of computers and their associated technologies (including software) and to have them develop creative solutions to problems using this understanding.

Students work collaboratively with technology to solve problems today, so that they are prepared to solve the problems of tomorrow

Why study Digital Technology?

Digital Technology is now a critical part of the way the world works. An understanding of Digital Technology is essential to being a global citizen and to being able to contribute meaningfully and effectively in the world. Having a deeper understanding of Digital Technology also provides those who study it with an advantage in dealing with emergent changes in the world as many of these are driven by Digital Technology.