Design and Visual Communication

What is Design and Visual Communication about?

Students work on two major projects for the year. The students negotiate the selection of any two of spatial design, product design, developing a presentation of one of their own designs (as in an exhibition), or formal working drawings. They learn and use visual communication techniques and strategies to initiate, develop and resolve design ideas. Students can undertake the design of inside and outside spaces, objects and artefacts, presentation design and graphics, and engineering or architectural drawings.

Our vision is to:

Provide meaningful projects, negotiated with students, that will help them to understand knowledge and skills based on the discipline of their choice (spatial design, product design, exhibition design, formal working drawings).

Why study Design and Visual Communication?

Design and Visual Communication is a fun subject. You can work on solving design problems that relate to your interests, and using visual communication strategies and techniques. If you love sketching, rendering, using digital media, photography, or making mockups and models, Design and Visual Communication helps you unleash your creativity and problem solving skills. Pathways may lead to understanding of building trades, product development or tertiary courses in design, architecture or engineering. Our students who go on to tertiary studies may major in spatial design, architecture, industrial design, surveying, landscape architecture, illustration, transport design, animation or gaming design


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