What is Tourism about?

Tourism is a subject which explores different societies and cultures around the world. It allows students to think outside of their natural comfort zones, to think like an entrepreneur, to think and act like an environmentalist and to explore the future of the Tourism industry.

Our vision is to:

To change the way students view the world that we live in, to question everything and to ignite the passion for the Tourism industry and to explore the thousands of different opportunities the tourism industry has to offer, both here and abroad.

Why study Tourism?

Students have the ability to learn from teachers with industry experience, who are passionate and desire for the students to be the best they can be. This allows the students to gain the practical skills and understanding of the industry. Tourism as a subject pushes the students learning, as they create websites, businesses and explore the many facets of tourism. Students have the opportunity to gain work experience, to experience local tourist attractions and the employment possibilities at these businesses and to earn a recognised tourism qualification.