What is Geography about?

Geography at its core is focused on the examination of the environment from a spatial perspective. We look at the interaction between people and the environment. We identify patterns in the landscape and then explain these patterns through the analysis of the underlying processes that change the environment.

Our vision is to:

Provide stimulating and challenging programmes of work that explore man’s interaction with the environment. We seek to develop skills which can be used directly in vocational pathways to employment in the workforce as well as equip students with broader skills which will enhance their learning at a tertiary level.

Why study Geography?

You will learn to integrate knowledge from several disciplines from environmental planning to politics to community issues and ecology.

Geography will equip you with ‘real world’ skills. For example, in developing an understanding of current issues and practical ways of resolving these issues in a sustainable manner.

You will be able to study Geography related subjects in the following degrees:

Bachelor of Tourism Management, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Environmental Management & Planning, Bachelor of Sport & Recreation Mangement, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Maori Planning and Development.