What is Economics about?

Economics is about the economy. It shows how different parts of the economy. For example, Government, businesses and consumers interact with each other. It looks at how decisions that Government makes affect price stability, trade, growth and employment. Policies that the Government implement affect each of these areas differently and therefore affects consumers and businesses differently. At Level Three we not only look at our economy, but also at the world and decisions that are made overseas and how they influence us.

Our vision is:

The vision for Economics students is that they will be able to understand the economy and the world in which they live. They will understand why the Governments make the decisions that they make and how they affect different sectors of the economy.

Why study Economics?

The reason that we study Economics is because it gives us a good insight into our world. It teaches us skills that can be used in life and the pathways from Economic subjects are broad. Students are able to go onto Polytechnic and University. They can gain jobs in finance, marketing, banks, Government to name a few.