Social Sciences

What are the Social Sciences about?

The Social Sciences Faculty is a broad learning area encompassing six main subjects, namely, Geography, History, Economics, Tourism, Accounting and Social Studies.

The Social Sciences seeks to develop amongst the students an understanding of the physical and cultural environment in which the students live, as well as an understanding of the communities beyond our horizons - in the Pacific region as well as globally. We also work to enable students to develop a historical awareness of events, people and places, to assist students to understand where they came from, clarity on the present and greater insight on the path ahead.

Within this context, students will develop economic skills that contribute to an understanding of the processes operating in our world.

Our vision is to:

Our vision is to enable our students to participate in a rapidly changing society as informed, confident and responsible citizens.

Success motivates our boys like nothing else. If we can ensure they get a taste of doing well, then they will develop that inner motivational drive and our responsibility is to facilitate that path to achievement through providing environments which support learning with enhanced digital technologies and culturally responsive, innovative and enthusiastic teaching.

Why study Social Sciences?

An understanding of social phenomena such as businesses, historical change , economies, mass media and networks and man’s impact on the environment,  are central to the quality of our lives. We interact with each other. We all need to develop a range of skills to successfully negotiate a productive life in this world and the Social Sciences provides many of the fundamental skills required on this journey.