What is Biology about?

Biology is the study of the living world, which includes the structure, function and behaviour of plants and animals.

Our vision is to:

Equip our students with the knowledge of the living organisms in the world around us.  Not just what they are and what they look like, but how they function, behave and operate in their specific niche, within their wider community.

Why study Biology?

In our senior Biology classes we start off learning about how living cells function, we study genetics to learn how our characteristics are passed on from one generation, we use microscopes to learn about the structure of plant and animal cells, we go on a field trip to Ohope to study the ecology of the rocky shore and we do a practical investigation to learn how plant cells transport water. In our last year of Biology, we study the behaviour of plants and animals in their environment and then look at how humans have evolved over the last  few million years.