Year 9

Students in Year 9 work towards their Junior Certificate.  The Junior Certificate works on a similar model to NCEA with students earning credits throughout the year in their classes and aiming to achieve 80 credits to gain their Junior Certificate. If they manage to get 50 credits at Merit or better they receive a Merit Certificate and 50 credits at Excellence gains them an Excellence Certificate.
Year 9 Curriculum

At Year 9 students study English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Health, Leadership and Social Studies (apart from the bilingual class who study Te Reo Māori instead). In addition, Year 9 students study eight short course subjects to give them a full appreciation of the breadth of curriculum Rotorua Boys’ High School has to offer. Short courses run for one term.

Year 9 short courses: Art, Business Tourism, Chinese, Design and Visual Communication, Digital Technology, Te Reo Māori, Music and Technology.