What is Mathematics about?

A misconception about Mathematics is that it is always about getting the correct answer, often it is about the processes we go through. Mathematics is about ensuring people are equipped to go out into the real world and feel confident about numbers, patterns and data. Within our courses we offer the challenges of both solving problems in everyday life and of analysing real life data that we are constantly being shown. By developing their skills through problem solving, we aim to help the boys become lateral thinkers, independent enquirers and have a love of numbers.

Our vision is to:

Our vision is to bring Mathematics into the 21st century. We aim to do this by equipping our boys with the skills needed to interact with the outside world, and to use technology and new software where appropriate.We want them to enter the workplace with a confidence to have a go, to feel good about their own abilities and to be current in their knowledge.

Why study Mathematics?

Because Mathematics is all around us wherever we look. Because life is much easier if you have an understanding of numbers, are able to see patterns or just be able to understand the statistics that are put on the TV or in articles. Because Mathematics is Fun!

Success in Mathematics gives you a buzz. It makes you feel clever and have a sense of achievement. To study Mathematics is to step into the wider world and to open your eyes to new, often abstract, concepts where, sometimes, there isn’t a correct answer!

It also has a serious purpose, which is to help you get the background knowledge you need for many future careers. There are actually thousands of different jobs that require some knowledge of Mathematics. These range from an Air Traffic Control Systems Analyst and a Lawyer to a Data Capture Facility Troubleshooter on the Hubble Space Telescope. Ever thought about the planes flying seamlessly through the air? The availability of complex medicines? Even the computer you are using now? Each of these increasingly vital commodities rely on the use and study of numbers. This comes from Mathematics.


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